Four year old Nomad client getting her ears pierced. As you can see, it's quick and painless. Please watch the video with your child and visit the studio (with your state issued ID), if you feel they are ready as this young lady was. All children must demonstrate criteria for readiness which include: ability to communicate verbally, sit still, and write their own name.

"This four year old boy demonstrates all the required characteristics of a young client: verbal, intelligent; cooperative. (Obviously it doesn't hurt)
Please use him as a guide to assess your child's readiness to have ears pierced at Nomad. If a four year old can do it, so can older kids. Don't go to "the mall", your child deserves sterile, professional service by the best. Experience matters.

Piercing your Baby or young Child's ears

Facts and Information
Piercing the ears of a baby girl is one of the oldest and most sacred of human rituals. At Nomad we cater to parents responsible enough to seek out a trained piercer with an understanding of "rites of passage" as well as sterile technique and procedure. Piercing a baby's ears with an "ear gun" at the mall is both traumatic and unsterile. The pointed backs of those nasty studs will poke your baby in the back of their head when your baby sleeps. Because the back of the "jewelry" is fixed in place and does not allow for proper healing or swelling, the stud can become lodged in the child's ear; the composition of said stud falls FAR short of minimum quality standards at Nomad. Piercing a baby's lobes with a gun, where the stud IS ALSO the piercing implement is little better than a thumbtack. Ear guns are NOT autoclavable; they are re-used. Think about that! At Nomad, autoclaved, sterilized and single-use piercing needles are used. They are laser-sharp and pass through the ear "like butter"---creating NO trauma. The custom sized implant-grade earrings we use look better, allow for proper cleaning and healing and are totally comfortable. Both of my daughters were pierced is this way. This jewelry is "baby and kid-proof", and with no "ear gun stud backs" to imbed or fall off, your baby is assured an effortless and quick healing period.

Parents responsible enough to want sterile procedure, appropriate jewelry and a qualified piercer will find that at Nomad: a world renown industry pioneer, and father who pierced his own daughters, I am skilled as a piercer and sympathetic to the cultural history and importance of piercing a baby girl's ears. Parents worldwide have maintained this time-honored tradition for thousands of years.

Adorning children in the style of the culture is a basic human tradition; earrings, and clothes (and a great many other aesthetic choices) define us as individuals as well as our children too. CULTURE IS CONSENT. Sadly few piercers are sensitive to this fact, nor are they sufficiently skilled to perform the procedure; piercing a baby or young child's ears is one of the most difficult and technically (spiritually) demanding services a skilled piercer can offer. At Nomad we support a parent's right to adorn their children responsibly. When kids are older and want that ear cartlidge or navel, better they get it done with consent at Nomad (by a trained professional with appropriate jewelry) than doing at school (or the mall) with their friends and a safety pin. Many of us parents remember as teenagers what we did when mom and dad said "no". If you are going to do it, do it right at Nomad, you and your children deserve the best. There is no substitute for experience. Feel free to call if you have further questions.

A young client's mother once told me:
Papa Nomad has 23 years experience and three children.


Traditionally adorned child in China, photo by Christian Noni

Above photography care of Kesha Brindell Photography

Boys can do it too

A very special baby boy

Nomad has had over 19,000 young clients in the last 18 years. We feel that this small portfolio sampler showcases babies and kids sufficiently. Showing your six year old these photos and what newly pierced kid clients and their earrings look like will help to de-mystify the process. My girls often hang out with daddy and help with kid clients!


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